Help with burnout and depression

Do you feel empty, powerless and without interest, dejected … in the truest sense of the word „burned out“? You can no longer concentrate, feel constantly rushed and don’t feel like doing anything anymore? Your body also reports symptoms such as exhaustion, headache, back pain, neck pain, stomach pain, sleep problems, dizziness and even tinnitus?!? Then it is high time to change something !!!

“You go ahead,” said the soul to the body, “he doesn’t listen to me. Maybe he’ll listen to you „.
„I’ll get sick, then he’ll have time for you,“ said the body to the soul.
(Ulrich Schaffer)

More and more people suffer from these – sometimes massive – problems; Unfortunately, often for very long periods of time, which of course massively restricts their quality of life. Do you know the following questions or statements:

  • What else should I try?
  • Will this never end? I just simply can not anymore!
  • Ifeel totally overwhelmed! Can’t nobody help me?

Even if the symptoms are identical at first glance, the psychological triggers of burnout and depression are fundamentally different and definitely require different treatments!

Are you tired of these worries determining your everyday life? Well, based on the latest findings from neuroscience, the therapist and Spiegel bestselling author Klaus Bernhardt has developed a fast and extremely efficient method with which you, too, can learn to overcome your fears and panic attacks on your own and finally get a fear-free and easy one again To be able to lead life.

! Finally live happily, sensibly, easily and powerfully again !

With this method we are able to help our clients in often only two to three sessions:

  • first of all to understand how burnout and – in the worst case – related depression or depression arise on their own .
  • to create an individual plan together that will help you to develop strategies based on your current situation and to learn techniques to be able to deal better with future stressful situations.
  • to finally re-establish positive thinking in your everyday life.
  • develop an idea of your „beautiful, easy, powerful and meaningful life“.
  • to bring joy of life and ease into your life again!

We know from experience that you may not be able to imagine this at the moment. Perhaps you have already made many other unsuccessful attempts to address „your topic“ … we will be happy to accompany you on your way out of your burnout and / or your depression … let yourself be surprised by the results.

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Important note regarding the current corona situation:

You are welcome to come to the institute personally to keep your appointments. We strictly adhere to the corona protection regulations issued by the Ministry of Labor, Health and Social Affairs of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia. However, if you have any concerns, a session over the Internet (Zoom) is possible without any problems. So you can decide whether you want to attend your session in person at our institute or via the Internet.